Products Introduction

Process Technology

TIH Inline Chemical Heater

Highest temperature process fluid heating available!


Products Specifications

Product Characteristics

  • Rugged design provides long life in harsh, hightemp. environments
  • Achieves the highest temperature heating, up to 210°C
  • Long life & reduced cost of ownership with patented purge
  • Clean operation with thick PTFE sheath & purge to minimize contamination
  • Low Watt density enables accurate control of process temperature
  • Certifications : CE, UL, Semi S2



All fluoropolymer wetted surfaces for virtually any wet chemistry application
1000 - 18,000 Watts
200V - 600V,single or 3-phase
Pressure Range
Up to 100PSIG(689kPa)
Temp. Range
Up to 210 °C(410 °F) based on different operate situation
Element Purge
Small amount of clean dry air (CDA) or N₂ gas flows between the grounded element & PTFE sheath. Removes chemical permeation and minimizes ionic contamination for longer life
Fluid Connections
1/4"(6mm) - 1"(25mm)
1/2"(12mm) - 1"(25mm) super 300 Pillar®